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From Saturday 20-01-2015  To Sunday 01-02-2015
Florence - Galleria degli Uffizi , Sala delle Reali Poste
The collection of Russian icons in the Uffizi

The exhibition is part of the cycle, 'the unseen', which every year offers the public the opportunity to explore themes related to little-known works of its collections.
The exhibition features 81 icons of the Florentine Galleries, constituting the oldest core collector of Russian icons that exists outside of the Orthodox world.
The two oldest specimens, a Marian icon and one depicting the beheading of John the Baptist, are dated between the late sixteenth and early seventeenth century and still retain the blanket of silver, said oklad, that made you like the taste princely house of Medici, finding place since the seventeenth century among the furnishings of the chapel of the Palazzo Pitti.
With the exception of a few examples, however, the collection arrived in Florence in the Lorraine period and consisted mostly of icons dating from the first half of the eighteenth century; the stylistic characteristics that are common are such as to suggest that they may have been purchased for small groups in some provincial workshop of central Russia. S'ignorano events that led to this collection in Florence. An inscription on the back of the icon with the Stories of Christ leads us to suggest a link with the Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity of Livorno, built at the end of the sixth decade of the eighteenth century with the favor of the Grand Duke Francis Stephen of Lorraine. As part of the propaganda strategy implemented by Catherine of Russia during the war with the Turks (1768-1774), during which the Russian fleet stayed in Livorno, the Tsarina appealed repeatedly to votive offerings, tributandoli also to communities Orthodox West, and it is possible that the collection of icons now in the Uffizi is origins in an incident related to this particular historical moment.

From 20-01-2015 To 01-02-2015
The collection of Russian icons in the Uffizi
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